Know A Good Candidate?

Think you may have found us a prospective partner? First, thank you. Second, read our policies and eligibility requirements below to learn more about MedFirst’s referral program and find out how you can earn a reward for helping us partner with more businesses. Last, submit your referral here.


Independent Contractor Consultants (Consultants) of MedFirst Consulting, LLC (Company) are encouraged to refer eligible potential new business opportunities for review and consideration, or eligible referral of closed business sales. The Company will pay a referral bonus of Two Percent (2%) of received engagement revenue up to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) to Consultants who refer a business that is subsequently engaged by the Company as a result of that introduction, provided all the terms of this policy are met. The bonus typically will be paid within Thirty (30) days of completion of the engagement, including payment in full, and is the Company’s way of encouraging Consultant participation in identifying outstanding opportunities for new business revenue for the Company by saying "thank you" for identifying the opportunity.

Please note that to refer an opportunity, the Consultant must possess personal and special knowledge of the opportunity referred. Mass uploads of speculative opportunities will not be accepted.


An eligible Consultant may refer a qualified opportunity for the Company. Referrals of current or former clients of the Company are not eligible for the bonus. All Consultants are eligible for the referral bonus program excluding managers and executive leadership of the Company and others that are eligible for incentives from referred or closed business.

This policy applies to the following types of engagements:

  1. IT or EHR Design and Build Engagement
  2. EHR Go Live Training
  3. IT Project Management
  4. ICD-10 Consulting or Staffing
  5. IT Security Compliance

Eligible opportunities referred (Referrals) must meet the below criteria:

  • A Referral must be closed within twelve months of referral.
  • The Referral must be for a specifically defined opportunity (e.g. ABC Hospital will convert from Epic to Cerner in 2015).
  • The Company must be the primary contractor on the engagement and not a sub contractor for another company.
  • Referral must represent $250,000 or more in revenue over a twelve-month period for the Company.
  • The Consultant must remain in good standing with the Company prior to, at the time of the Referral, and continuously during the revenue period.
  • For duplicate Referrals, the Consultant who completes all required elements for the Referral will be eligible for the bonus. Incomplete Referrals will not qualify.
  • Referrals must not be known opportunities by the Company at the time of the Referral.
  • The Consultant may be ineligible for a bonus if deemed to have a conflict of interest or have outside prohibition from the Referral.
  • After the Referral is received, the Company reserves the right to verify the need and the Consultant agrees to assist with gathering needed information to meet eligibility requirements.
  • If the Referral is also made by the Consultant to a competing entity of the Company, the Company reserves the right to refuse to pay a bonus upon notice to the Consultant of ineligibility.

Submitting Your Referral

Ready to submit your Referral? Don’t forget to read through our policies and eligiblity requirements above.

Or download our Referral PDF.

Referrals must be complete including hospital name, technology information, timeframe for opportunity, and known contact names of potential decision makers. Referrals must be submitted to Russell Nance. Verbal and other Referrals not submitted to this email address will be refused. Incomplete Referrals will not qualify.

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