Stocking Stuffer Ideas for HIT Consultants

December 17, 2018

Gift giving is a piece of cake when the person you’re shopping for is a teacher, nurse, or chef. The internet is rife with long lists of stylized-gifts or DIY projects that perfectly fit their professions whether in function or fashion. But what of the Healthcare IT Consultants in your life? If you’re looking for some job-specific ideas, you need to look no further than the list we’ve compiled.

Business Card Holder

Touch-Screen Compatible Gloves

As individuals who need to be kept at the forefront of technological advancements and changes, HIT Consultants often need to keep their phones close at hand. Getting your consultant friend a pair of touch-screen compatible gloves will not only keep their hands nice and warm, but allow them to open up and respond to any urgent emails, messages, and updates right away, all without having to remove that warm, protective layer.

Blue-Light Filtering Glasses

HIT Consultants spend a lot of time in front of monitors and, working in the healthcare industry, they’ll want to keep themselves healthy from top to bottom. Studies show that too much exposure to blue-light can be harmful to the eyesight and sleeping habits of a person, so why not show your love and care by getting them a pair of glasses that filter the harmful light for them? These can be found all over the internet and come in prescription or non-prescription lenses. You can make it even better by finding a personalized case in which to carry them as they jet around to various appointments.

Screen Cleaner Kit

While this gift may not seem so glamorous, dirty screens are often the bane of an HIT Consultant’s existence. There are many options out there that contain the basics (screen cleaner fluid, a soft non-scratch cloth, keyboard duster), and most of them come with a slim bag to keep them easily contained. This will make all the difference to your consultant friend’s day-to-day practice and allow them to devote their full attention to the numbers and facts chasing across their screens instead of the greasy fingerprints from yesterday’s lunch.

Deck of Cards

Consultants who are logic-driven and have quick, sharp minds may appreciate being given a new challenge to break up their routine. Why not buy a unique deck of cards printed with medical illustrations and include a small booklet of strategies and rules for various games? Alternately, you could find a variety of challenging card games from classics such as Phase 10 to new, indie games like Drop Site. Better yet, if you wish to marry the medical-lean with a refreshing new game, the deduction card game Antidote may be the perfect one for your friend as they must race against the clock to find the cure using the cards.

Bullet journal

HIT Consultants tend to be driven, logical, and meticulous. Their work requires them to spend hours looking over existing systems and analyzing them to mark trends and then find ways to improve them in the future. Therefore, introducing them to bullet may be the easiest way for the HIT Consultant to wind down and sort through every personal happening just as they do in their professional life.

Business Card Holder

HIT Consulting keeps its people on the move, which means keeping a traditional office with a card display can be a pipe-dream. Consultants are constantly networking and need a quick, easy way to put their name out there for future clients to recall at the drop of a hat. Why not make it easier by giving them a business card holder? Options go from pithy, hand-crafted carriers made to look like circuit boards to sleek, color-accented ones meant to stand out. Whichever kind you choose, you can be sure this will add a professional and polished edge to the HIT Consultant’s ensemble wherever they go.

Coffee Courier

Coffee can be classic, creative, and comforting. For the HIT Consultant, it can be the driving fuel behind their careers—so why not take this tried and tested gifting method and give it a new spin? There are hundreds of small-scale coffee roasters to order from now, full of fresh flavors and funky names. You could stuff one of these small bags of coffee into the stocking and then top it off with a decorative travel mug. If you wish to get some bonus points, I’d recommend getting this mug that has not only a funny technology highlight but has some geeky pop culture thrown in. Whenever they go for that much-needed sip, they’ll be sure to think of you.

Happy Holidays!